2 Sep 2014

UMNO BN Cemburu & Dengki Kejayaan Cemerlang UNIT AMAL

Saya sedia pertahan Unit Amal dengan nyawa - Salahuddin

KUALA LUMPUR: Naib Presiden PAS Salahuddin Ayub berkata, beliau sanggup pertahan dengan nyawa jika ada pihak yang mahu menzalimi anggota Unit Amal PAS.

Menurutnya, Unit Amal PAS adalah sebuah badan kebajikan yang telah mengharumkan bukan sahaja nama PAS, tetapi nama Malaysia itu sendiri melalui misi kebajikan dan kemanusiaan yang dijalankan mereka.

Ianya termasuk misi kemanusiaan ketika banjir besar melanda Johor pada 2006 dan di Pahang dua tahun lalu.

Selain itu jelasnya, di peringkat antarabangsa pula Jabatan Amal PAS telah mengharumkan nama negara apabila turut turun membantu mangsa gempa bumi di Pakistan dan Tsunami di Aceh.

"Saya sedia pertahan dengan nyawa saya selagi mana kita yakin mereka menjalankan tugas kebajikan dan bukan aktiviti keganasan," tegas beliau kepada Harakahdaily.

Salahuddin berkata, ketika dalam pemuda, beliau antara yang awal terlibat dalam pemerkasaan Unit Amal sejak ia ditubuhkan 30 tahun dahulu.

Matlamat asal penubuhan katanya adalah untuk melakukan kerja kebajikan dalam parti, dan khidmat sosial dalam masyarakat umum.

"Sehingga sekarang kita yakin mereka masih di atas landasan yang betul," tegasnya.

Beliau mengulas kenyataan Menteri Dalam Negeri Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi semalam yang melahirkan keyakinan bahawa anggota Unit Amal PAS turut akan ditahan seperti 156 anggota Pasukan Peronda Sukarelawan (PPS) Pulau Pinang.

Menurut Zahid, penahanan anggota PPS dibuat kerana beliau turut menerima laporan bahawa mereka turut memukul orang dan melakukan tindakan yang melanggar Perlembagaan termasuk mengambil tugas polis.

Mengulas lanjut, Salahuddin berkata beliau bersedia untuk bertemu Zahid bagi memberi penjelasan berhubung tugas dan operasi Unit Amal.

"Kita sedia beri kerjasama kepada polis. Saya harap Zahid boleh panggil saya sendiri bila-bila masa," tegasnya. -HD

Thank you for making someone cry
by: Goh Keat Peng

There are many ways to make someone cry.

Hit her or him and cause physical and emotional pain. Break her heart by letting her down. Disappoint her. Say untruthful things about her. Being unfair and unjust to her.

Yes many ways to bring unwelcome tears. In fact it takes just one person to cause untold harm to burst the tear bank.

But in Malaysia, in a small town, just the day before yesterday, a group of young men, UNIT AMAL of Pas (Islamic Party), did something so special, something not so common, to bring floods of unstoppable tears to someone dear to me!

Rescued by the 'enemy'

Here’s the story in brief. A political rally was taking place when a group of youth on motor bikes came asking for trouble to an otherwise peaceful gathering. Then one of these hecklers found himself isolated from his group and was surrounded by some rally attendees who were not humoured by his trouble rousing. Clearly, the young biker found the trouble he came to look for but found it to be much more scary then he thought it would be. Clearly, he was in a lot of serious trouble and for sure he was about to be physically dealt with.

Enter Unit Amal, another group of young men but whose presence at the rally was for the very opposite reason from the group of hecklers on bike. Unit Amal (available in various parts of the country), being well trained, well taught, well brought up religiously, well motivated, went into action. Not to corner the young heckler so that the rally attendees could change his face for him. Not to teach the young heckler a lesson that was long in coming for him. But to rescue him from some very angry people he had in the first place provoked.

A beautiful act

The crowd was so thick and furious that the Unit Amal lads had to resort to all their logistics and strategic training and make several attempt to finally isolate the young heckler to safety!

And this story made someone to cry. Because of being reminded that others who should know better and who often speak better unfortunately often don’t do the better things which educate, inspire and make our nation great. But because primarily, Unit Amal’s timely act in a dangerous situation was a most beautiful act. An act of mercy. An act of repaying wrong with right. A risky selfless act. An act of astonishing discipline and purpose.

For that, her tears were good tears; healing tears; good for the nation tears. Amin.

malaysiakini reported:--

Police should emulate PAS' Unit Amal
9:14AM Mar 27, 2012

YOURSAY 'Commendable work, Unit Amal. There is no need to beat the hecklers up because we don't want to sink to their level.'

Free And Fair Election: This was a good job by the Unit Amal. Fortunately no one was hurt. I, as a Chinese, give full respect to the Unit Amal from PAS.

I was one of the few who had attended Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin's final days at the Perak MB's residence and I had felt 100 percent safe when in the presence of the Unit Amal, much safer than in the hands of our Malaysian police.

I'm not condoning the work of these paid hecklers, but this should teach the hecklers a lesson the next time they get a contract from Umno.

And PM Najib Razak, you are doing a lousy job. Over one weekend, the Indians have rejected you in Putrajaya, the Chinese have rejected you at the Dong Zong rally and the Malays have rejected you in Kuala Selangor.

Appum: Commendable work, Unit Amal. Cool heads should rule. There is no need to beat the hecklers up because we don't want to sink to their level. If we do, then how different are we from the scumbags?

Ferdtan: This is exactly what can and will happen when the police are seen to be taking the side of the lawless who are causing disruptions to peaceful gatherings.

Many such incidents had happened before, and complaints made to the police had been to no avail. The police have offered the silliest excuses and on the whole have remained indifferent.

The thugs emboldened by the fact that the police cannot or will not stop their acts of aggression will continue to do what they set out to do - cause mischief.

Even though they were of a small number, only 20 of them against 5,000 participants, they were not afraid as they believe the police and the whole of the federal government institutions are with them.

The police are totally to be blamed. They have let the situation come to this. Luckily good sense prevailed, and there were no serious injuries due to the good work of PAS' Unit Amal members.

The IGP must come out to unequivocally condemn the thugs to prevent a repeat such an incident. Please don't call the thugs in for tea - like our home minister has done.

Whatsup: Well, at least the rakyat there protected themselves and punished these hired goons who were at the event to disrupt. The police were not there but goons were: why?

What do you expect when the ex-inspector-general of police and the attorney-general and so on are allegedly linked to the underworld.

BN big shots attend public events with PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) escorts, but the opposition and those supporting change have to protect themselves. What do you call this?

Anonymous: So inspector-general of police (IGP) Ismail Omar, you were saying the other day that those who disrupt ceramah will be hauled up. What happened?

No police were there to catch the 20-odd thugs. At GE13, we Malaysians must vote for total change.

James1067: Dear IGP, please do not make political statements, just like politicians promising the voters everything before the elections.

The police force is an independent body whose job is to protect every citizen. If there is no action by you then we will just take it that your words are also like the politicians.

We are sure that there are many genuine and honest police officers in the department and it is your duty to protect their reputation. Please do not take sides and take the right steps to regain the reputation you have lost.

Anonymous: While most of us do not condone any form of violence, let us at least catch the culprits and get their details and take photos of them to deter any further acts of hooliganism by these Umno minnows. It's time the rakyat take back the country from BN.

Plainly: Most of the undercover men in blue at the ceramah are obviously closing an eye to the hired BN samsengs who are creating public commotion or disturbance.

Caripasal: These hecklers need to be taught a lesson. Imagine if this was Umno's ceramah. I bet the heckler would not have been able to come out alive. The heckler should be sent to the police for vandalism.

Kairos: What has transpired at the ceramahs over the past few months does not augur well for the country. We must not allow our emotions to get the better of us. The rakyat must exercise self-control and the police must institute crowd control.

Any violence or civil disturbance will not do anybody any good especially if a member of one race is accidentally hurt by a member of another race. So I appeal to all the leaders of the political parties not to play with fire and hire thugs and hecklers to disrupt any ceramah.

Let's all approach the coming election campaigns with level headedness and maturity for the good of the country.

Anonymous_3e2c: The modus operandi of the BN is like the mat rempits, the snatch thieves and acid splashers, and our ruling party has now hired them full-time.

I guess they should be on government payroll with an assured pension and insurance if anything happens to them in the course of their job.

Their duty is to disturb all Pakatan-led ceremahs and reduce the large crowds through fear tactics. They only have to work once in every five years, just before election time.

Lim Chong Leong: I am not sorry for that trouble maker. If you play with fire, you tend to get burned.

And Umno has been playing with fire for too long. Sometimes we the people have to show who is in charge and that we are not afraid.


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Tanpa Nama berkata...

dantra sb mreka cmburu kpd unit amal pas, ahli ahli unt ini brkhidmt dgn ikhls dmi kpentgn parti. ahli ahli unit ini x mghrpkn upah wang ringgit sprti kumpln dsana tu.klu x bg wang kje x jln dgn erti kata' x wang x gerak' msti disulam dgn bntuk kewngn.bgi mereka wang msti dutamakn dlu buknnya prjuangan ikhls.

bat8 berkata...


Mana mana nak buat kerajaang perpaduang dengan PAS macam ni. Tau le puak UG PAS tak bol3h nampak kerja jahat UMNO ni tapi inilah nasib yang PAS akan k3na jika berUG dengan UMNO. Tim3 diperlukan UMNO umpan PAS, tapi tak perlu UMNO akan t3kan PAS?

Awat Salahuddin je yang bagi respon. Kita nak dengar komen dari TGHH atau Ustaz Nasarudin vellfire meng3nai pe4kara ini sebagai respon dari puak UG dalam PAS.

Amuraria berkata...

memang kerja lahanat ! kerja amal & baik dipandang serong ! kerja merempit,membuli & membuat onar ditempat awam & aman akan dipuji ! barua-barua pengampu buat kek taik ,samseng baling kasut & sebagainya macam perempit yang diupah gerombolan buat kacau keliling george town & komtar pulau pinang tapi tarak satu tangkapan atau siasatan pun ? ABU !

Tanpa Nama berkata...


tak kan semua nak cakap.... koingat TG ni gila mike macam ko ke?

tak habis2 nak jadi batu api... org2 macam ko ni baik duduk jauh2 jangan dekat ngan politik... buat menyusahkan nak kena ajar..satu...satu...

Tanpa Nama berkata...


BaDiN berkata...

KEREjaan sudah jadi bengong sampai semua nak dihapuskan kpd mereka yg anti BN.KEREjaan BN belajar dari puak Yahudi yg mahu hapuskan HAMAS.

pak maun berkata...

Patutnya zahid komedi tu benteras anggota polis yang rasuah. Gejala rasuah dikalangan polis dah parah. Polis trafik kalau di felda2 ambik duit bulanan dgn pengusaha lori. Itu pasal la lori curi dan lori lari finance/credit byk di kawasan2 felda. Bahagian natkotik plk ambik duit "perlindungan" dari penagih dan pengedar dadah. Itu pasal buat apa pun bab dadah ni, x berjaya. Buat pusat serenti pun x jadi apa. Tak payah la nak tanya aku pasal dakwaan aku betul atau tidak. Siasat la sendiri. Yang pangkat kecik, cara makan pangkat kecik. Yang besar, cara makan yang besar.

bat8 berkata...

Anon 2:09

Apa pelajaran nko yang h3bat dalam ilmu politik? Tarakkkkkk......

Sekurang-kurang bagitau la mana yang silap dan apa yang betul. Itu budaya orang yang berilmu dan faqeh...hehehe. Tapi heran orang hebat hanya berani guna Anon je....